Zenith Angles

by Alphanumeric

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All songs written and performed by Alphanumeric.


released June 9, 2010


tags: thrash Austin


all rights reserved


Alphanumeric Austin, Texas

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Track Name: The Vice
1. The Vice

Imperfect products do not come from perfect machines.
So your Gods cannot be perfect if they create imperfect beings.
It's just a way for you to explain your being, incomplete
replace your stars with satellites
and your hearts with machines.

Your Gods are just devils that lead you to war.
You're blinded by your faith, tell me what it is you're fighting for
We are the vessels of our human greed.
An impulse so pure.
So help me God.

When the end comes I won't be there for the flood.
I will ride the waves and laugh with the sky.
Track Name: Bone Dance
2. Bone Dance

An existential stampede, The vast array of galactic mechanics above me.
Immortal overwatch of all living beings.
A star is born in early life, I will be dust before Earth sees its light.

My mortality fades under strength of wonders.
What am I living for?
You lose it all in the blink of an eye.

Where do we go when we die?
Is fiction optional?

Gasping for breath, fearful of every step,
To know that this can never last.
The crippling enabler that is the past
What am I living for?
Every day begins shrouded in mystery.
Second by second it all becomes history.
A miraculous collection of remnants.
We are but severed limbs.

Where do we go when we die?
is fiction optional?
Track Name: Stop-loss
4. Stop- Loss

Another restless night, another endless fight
To get the worst in me to subside.
Appearing in thin light, a phantom stranger.
He says he's no danger.

Stress can make a man, but it can't complete him.
I've prepared for the worst and now I'll get what I deserve.

The past does not haunt a good man.
(Echo. fading. Be Forgotten)
The present does not leave him wanting.
(When we go on)
Only the future knows what the future holds.
(Echo. Fading. Be forgotten)
Each phase leaves us just as lost.
(When we go on)

Hell can wait.
I'm standing close to perfection.
Track Name: The Contract
5. The Contract

Charades in a room full of angles, a Zenith if I've ever seen one
Obscure and contrived. Perpetual lies.
Knowlege. Power.
Someone deliver me.

Those reliant on the strength of One,
Are oft defeated by those divisible by none
Their open-ended questions are their means of control.

Falling through the cracks, through the caste, of the broken system.
Subdued, held to surrender by the written word.

Let me out now I am Angry.
Unstoppable. It's possible.
If you wanna change the world
Forget about yourself.

Prescribed! nothing in this world is right.
Eat these pills. Live this life.
Thinking is not a forgivable crime.
Put us on chemical overdrive.
Nativities process.
Drowning in our progress.
We're struggling to come to terms with the concept.
We're tripping on our own steps.
Afraid of what comes next.
The more we know the more we grow.

Falling through the cracks, through the caste, of the broken system.
Track Name: Listening
6. Listening.

Face it. It lives within you.

Its wrong and I did it alot.
Now I have a world to worry about.
The madness just contributes to my permanent abscence.
I've been dropping friends like I've been breaking my habits.

Sometimes I feel trapped,
Like time and space mean nothing.

Abandoned. On the run.
When I have my back turned these things just come undone.

I've been searching for the Arc.
I can feel it slip.

When you trust someone there's no need for defenses.
Thats the space between a strength and a weakness.
I can only see the facade you hide behind.
I had my back turned but I thought you never would...

I Came. I Saw. Still Conquering...
And these things are my sins.
Track Name: Polar Motives
7. Polar Motives

Standardized human being
Once you synthesize my brain,
like I knew you could.

Mask me, Caste me,
Number and dispatch me,
For the greater good.

Sucking on the industry,
Always just in front of me,
A place where I'm understood.

There is just enough time
To grow old and die.
Now my task is done.